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Bhagwant Anmol suffered alot from stammering till age of 22. He tried many speech therapies and hospitals. But those therapies doesn’t work out. Because a stammerer can only understand the problem of stammering, No one else. He got rid of his stammering problem at age of 22 by his own and 100% success technique. Now he is helping people to overcome stammering. He started ‘Indian Institute of Speech Therapy’ in kanpur after quitting software engineering job at a popular Multi national Company. That can assure you to to speak fluently within one month.

Q)- what is stammering?

Ans– stammering is not a disease. it is just a bad habbit. as you know anyone can change his bad habbits with practice. so you can also change your bad habbit by practise. It is just because high speed,short breath and pshychology due to following reasons.

1. Physical weakness due to some illness.
2. Some fear.
3. Imitating a stammerer.
4. Accident or some mishappening.
5. While playing, children talk with each other very much.

Due to short breath, a person starts speaking with pauses and interruptions (as speech develops from breath). He does not want to speak with pauses. But since he is not aware of the actual cause of these pauses, he tries to speak out more words in the short breath. This results in the abnormal increase in the speed of speech. Speaking more in short breath causes stammering and it becomes a habit. This is “Stammering”

Psychology: If a person regularly stammers from childhood, it casts an impression in his mind also. While speaking, a thought occurs in his mind that he speaks with pauses. This fear further aggravates his problem. This is “Psychology”.

Some persons give more attention to this problem. Few words, which are used frequently, cause more problems to them due to high speed. They consider these words as problematic.

Stammering is of one kind but its depth varies from person to person. A person, who gives more thought and attention to this problem, will have more depth, whereas, a person who does not care much about the problem will have less depth.

Q)- Sometimes I speak out a particular word correctly & fluently and sometime stammer on the same word ?

In some situations, your mind is relaxed and you are not attentive towards your problem, the words will come out fluently. However, in some other situation your mind is attentive towards this problem, you may stammer on the same words.

Q-Is stammering curable?

Ans- ofcourse,stammering is curable. you can cure from this habbit in one month under treatment of dr. bhagwant anmol.

Q)- why we dont stammer while singing?

Ans- you dont stammer while singing because your speed is low and you have no pshychology while singing.

Q)- How much time will it take to over come stammering?

Ans- it depends upon practise. if you are hard worker and possitive thinker then you will surely cure your stammering problem within one month.


Stammering occurs due to shortage of breath, the tendency to speak quickly and a person’s mental psychology. So we must focus on three things. First, increasing the breath. Second, slowing down the rate of speaking. And last, improving the mental psychology.

Increasing Breath:- We will teach the person how to increase his/her breath with our practiced method. This will help the person to speak more words in a single breath. It will help him/her not to rush and speak sufficient words in a single breath.

Slowing down the speech:- If you are riding a bike or car, your fear of accident will increase with your speed. In contrast, the lesser your speed, the more confident you feel. The same psychology applies in your speech. We will teach the student to speak in our unique style. Our speaking method is very much like a slow song. It will give a person the time to think and speak confidently. Regularly speaking in our style will gradually slow down the patient’s speech and he will eventually gain control on his speed.

Psychology:- We will urge our patients to always speak in our taught manner, irrespective of the circumstance. This may be difficult in the initial stages, but soon the patient will realize the benefits when he will start speaking without interruption. Slowly, the patient will stop making any errors in his speech. This will result in eliminating negative psychology from the patient’s mind. With time, patient will start forgetting about stammering, and ultimately he is bound to overcome it with 100% success.

Confidence and Motivation:- Confidence and motivation are two most important driving forces in anyone’s life. For boosting the patient’s confidence, we will plan some frequent activities, such as, making him speak in front of 20 to 30 people, or taking him out to the market and talking with unknown people.

Bhagwant Anmol is a motivation speaker. He will take lecture twice a day. We are sure that by following his ideas, the patient will not only cure himself from stammering, but can fulfill his dreams as well.

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